The best outdoor clothes for children - our ranking

If you are planning a trip to the fresh air with your child, properly selected outdoor clothing is essential to ensure the comfort and safety of your toddler during the hike.

In our ranking, we present the best outdoor clothes for children that will work in various weather conditions.

1. Rain jacket for children - at the top of our list is a rain jacket, which is a must-have in any outdoor set for a child. A good choice is a jacket with a membrane that is waterproof and breathable, so your child will stay dry and warm even in the rain. e.g. GoreTex or ReimaTec from Reima.

2. Children's outdoor pants - Another important element of children's outdoor clothing are pants. They should be made of a breathable material, e.g. Softshell, to ensure comfort and freedom of movement for the child while hiking. Pants with a waterproof membrane, which will provide protection against moisture from the outside, will work well.

3. Fleece for children - it is a universal element of clothing that will work both on colder days and in rainy weather. A child can put it on as an additional layer of thermal insulation under the jacket. The fleece should be made of a soft, pleasant to the touch material to ensure the child's wearing comfort.

4. Outdoor gloves for children - outdoor gloves are another element that will keep your child warm and comfortable while hiking. Gloves made of waterproof material will work well. Companies such as Reima, Skogstad and Didriksons.

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