Children's vests

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Children's vests

Children's vests are the must have of an outdoor child - one of the most practical outer garments. They can be perfectly matched to other items of clothing, ensuring the child's comfort and optimal body temperature. Most of them have the same properties as jackets and can successfully protect the upper body against cold, wind and rain. The lack of sleeves, however, makes them much more comfortable than traditional jackets, especially in transition periods when we do not want children to overheat. Models of children's vests, which are available in our offer, have special insulation, thanks to which they protect children against cold and wind, while guaranteeing them comfort and freedom of movement.

Children's all-weather gilets

In this category you will find children's tank tops for girls and boys who will pass the exam during walks and games outside. This type of clothing covers the back, chest and neck, and the excess heat leaves a "free way" to escape outside - the hands. The tank top works brilliantly as a layer of insulation, both on regular T-shirts and t-shirts, as well as on fleece or other sweatshirts. When completing an outfit for a longer trip, it is enough to put on functional underwear under such a tank top, and additionally pack a membrane jacket in the backpack - forewarned is always insured.

Our vests are the perfect addition to children's wardrobe, making it easy to combine subsequent layers in any outfit. They provide the perfect balance between style and comfort. It's a great layering option for cooler summer days and even fall, so plan your shopping now. With our padded kids vests you will be prepared for any weather with that extra layer of warmth on cooler days. Browse the other essentials for your everyday wardrobe with our range of jackets.

The selection of materials used is to allow you to withstand the elements, while ensuring comfort and breathability. Therefore, an outdoor vest should be made of a material that prevents water absorption, abrasion-resistant and protects against the cold. It is good if it is equipped with spacious pockets for treasures. It is important that it is ultra light and takes up little space after folding. The vest is ready for any adventure and complements any styling, it also has well-thought-out and refined to the smallest detail finishes, such as stitching, fasteners and, of course, reflections that increase visibility after dark. In Outdoor Kids you will find the perfect one.