Children's galoshes

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Stylish children's rain boots for rainy days

It's raining outside the window? This is a sign that it's going to be fun! Children love the rain when they can jump in a puddle at will. However, so that for you it does not mean a pile of laundry, choose the perfect wellies. It will be fun for the children, and no worries for parents in the event of the vagaries of the weather. Each of us perfectly understands how much joy it is for a child to joyfully negotiate puddles during autumn or winter walks (and how difficult it is to prevent a child from jumping into each passing puddle), so having this type of waterproof footwear is almost mandatory. In this way, we will not only protect the child from potential illnesses that may develop when the foot is not properly protected against the cold and swelling, but also provide him with a huge dose of joy when he will not have to avoid every puddle during walks

The offer of the Outdoor Kids store, among the collections of children's shoes, includes children's galoshes in various colors, styles and sizes. Every child dreams of rubber boots that will prove themselves during spring and autumn games and family trips. Whether in the forest or on the way to kindergarten or school - rubber boots are the basic protection for feet from getting wet.

Short rain boots or long boots?

Are you wondering which boots - low or high - to equip your child with? The youngest will feel better in short children's wellies, because the upper will not impede walking. The Reima Ankles are so comfortable you can ride a bike in them. In such shoes it is easier to jump into the transition to kindergarten. This model has also appealed to many mothers, which we see when packing your orders with matching mother-child wellies. Older children will probably choose longer wellies, in which even the deepest puddles will not be a challenge. Models with a higher upper will also be a better choice if you intend to go on trips to the forest in galoshes, as they will better protect against ticks. Children's galoshes are not only footwear intended for the playground or forest, but also for kindergarten or school. These shoes are not only comfortable and rainproof, but also fashionable, so you don't have to limit yourself to one pair!

How to choose the perfect children's rain boots?

Children's galoshes must first of all be comfortable for a toddler. Not only are they supposed to protect against moisture, but also to support the proper development of the feet. Little fingers should have enough space inside and the upper should fit properly. Children's galoshes should be made of high-quality materials, then it will be comfortable, light and soft footwear. We found one, tested it among our own children and now we are happy to offer it in our store. In addition, in beautiful colors - both classic and less obvious. Toddlers will be able to indulge in carefree play, and girls 'and boys' galoshes will provide them with protection against cold and moisture. We recommend rubber boots with non-slip soles, which will increase the level of safety while playing. Reflective elements are a common and seemingly small addition to galoshes. We are convinced that there are never too many of them and we use all methods to increase the child's safety after dark.

Wellingtons, which are often also called rubber boots, have long been considered not very fashionable footwear and are usually associated with fishermen or villagers, who most often use this type of shoe. It would seem that such footwear protecting against harsh conditions, rain and blight is doomed to be unattractive, but only fulfilling its protective function.However, specially designed styles make the footwear extremely attractive for our children and the well-worn Galoshes for children are available in a wide range of colors, from which each child will choose their favorite. Thanks to this, the autumn stylizations of our children will be complemented with a cheerful accent that the child will surely like and will be willingly worn. Ask your child what her favorite color is, and then choose the perfect model together!