Product type
  • Liewood Harper beach set

    199,00 zł
  • Liewood Florence sand toys

    309,00 zł
  • Bessie Liewood Little Explorer Set

    185,00 zł
  • Tine Liewood gift set

    405,00 zł
  • Kian Liewood lunch thermos

    149,00 zł
  • Stork Liewood thermal bottle

    169,00 zł
  • Mitch Liewood inflatable beach ball

    94,00 zł
  • Amina Liewood swimsuit

    229,00 zł
  • Luis Liewood Inflatable Garden Sprinkler

    229,99 zł
  • Jorn Liewood Sorting Bucket

    155,00 zł
  • Roomie Liewood poncho robe

    179,00 zł
  • Children's silicone fins Liewood Gustav Swim Fins

    139,00 zł

Liewood creates beautiful and functional products for modern families - from organic textiles and soft knitwear to a collection of silicone toys in soft colors. Together they form a unique, pure and simple universe.

Liewood designs with respect for the delicacy and innocence of childhood. Clean shapes and delicate prints go hand in hand with functionality. Liewood products are based on original workmanship, the best materials and a modern approach to design.

Liewood has an uncompromising and ethical approach to production. He is guided by strong values ​​and makes decisions based on deep knowledge and experience. All products are manufactured under controlled, safe and fair conditions, and raw materials come from qualified suppliers.

Liewood was founded in the summer of 2015 by Anne Marie Lie Nielsen with the aim of creating a unique interior concept for children, focusing on functionality, delicate lines and simple details. Liewood DNA is the result of Anne Marie's passion for design, aesthetics and the belief that beauty is in the details.