Children's, boys and girls socks

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Children's, boys and girls socks

When having fun, racing in the yard or climbing, a steady and steady step is very important. Not only shoes but also socks contribute to this stability. Whether it's anti-slip socks for running around the house, Anti-Bite socks for insect protection for trips, or fun, colorful 2-pack socks from Happy Socks to cheer up even the gloomiest day. Or maybe you want a bit of madness and decide on a fashionable accessory for yourself? Browse through the surprising collection of women's socks now available at Outdoor Kids.

Children's socks are an important element of clothing. They are available in several styles and many crazy designs and colors. There are classic socks that reach approximately mid-calf. This cut is intended for everyday styling. Another type are low socks, ankle-high ankle socks, although you can also find them in a really micro version. Short socks are recommended for summer stylizations and are a perfect complement to a sports outfit. The third type of socks are knee socks. Due to their length, they will prove themselves in winter to keep the foot and calf warm. They also fit perfectly with rubber boots.

Children's anti-slip socks

For the youngest, out of concern for the proper development of the child, we have prepared a wide selection of anti-slip children's anti-slip socks. Children's socks designed in this way are the perfect support while learning to walk. They are comfortable and non-compressive, and their vivid colors and interesting design make them very eager to wear them. Perfect for everyday home and kindergarten games. The rubber protection on the bottom keeps the foot firmly on the ground, which minimizes the risk of falling. Choose Anti-Slip socks and provide your child with comfortable conditions to cover the first distances and explore the world.

Anti-Bite socks - insect repellent socks

For seasoned adventurers who stop at nothing, we have special insect repellent socks. They are permanently impregnated with a non-toxic repellant that masks the human smell from bugs without hurting them. With such equipment n you no longer have to worry about insects while picking berries in the forest and other wild activities. They are made of a material that repels insects, and at the same time is comfortable and flexible. Anti-Bite material repels ticks, mosquitoes, flies, wasps and even lice. The repellent effect of the finish will withstand at least 100 washes!

Women's socks Happy Socks Hysteria

In Outdoor Kids, the greatest satisfaction for parents is the certainty that they have chosen the best quality clothing and accessories for their children. Nothing stands in the way of adding something for yourself to a perfectly composed basket. Hence the presence of elegant women's socks dedicated to women's styles in our store. Mix vintage aesthetics and future trends to shape your unique style. Subtle and delicate, combined with creative accessories - express your individuality with the Hysteria collection from Happy Socks. Viscose socks with metallized fibers look really amazing!