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Clothing with UV protection for children

Discover clothing with UV protection and choose a set of fashionable clothing that protects your child from the sun's rays. With proper protection, children will be able to play outdoors in any weather, and their sensitive skin will be protected in the best possible way.

When summer is just around the corner with your vacation and beach excursions, we know it's time to think about sun protection. The sun is scorching harder and harder, the temperature rises, and with it - the risk of sunburn. Clothes with a UV filter for children are necessary protection against sun rays and also look great.

Children's fashion with UV protection - summer come!

The nicer the summer day, the greater the risk of burns from aggressive UV rays, especially in the case of children. In early summer, children's sensitive skin should be protected particularly effectively, until they get used to the increased dose of solar radiation. Beachwear comes with a high UV filter so your child is always well protected, whether he is building sandy beach fortresses, splashing in the water, or raging in the yard.

Popular sunscreen creams do not always provide effective protection, especially when the sun is shining strongly or when we are in water and the cream is washed off. Regularly lubricating a small child with cream on a sandy beach does not always work perfectly. The protective clothing we select provides a cover that will neither rinse nor wash off, so your child can play in the sun for a long time and will be well protected at all times.

Colorful and cheerful - clothing for children with UV filter

Let's get the baby ready for the hot summer together. Densely woven fabrics provide extra protection when the sunlight is very strong - for example on the beach. Clothes with a UV filter are quick-drying, so kids do not freeze in them during their madness in the water.

From trendy UV T-shirts to UV suits - in the Outdoor Kids Store you will find sun protection suitable for children of all ages. For the little ones, we have UV beachwear from Ducksday, fastened with snaps in a strategic place, which makes it very easy to change. For those who run on and around the beach, we recommend UV t-shirts with xylitol that keep pace with the madness and lower the body temperature by 2 degrees. For long-haired people, the Reima UV headbands will be a good solution - the hair does not fall over the face and the head is still protected. Most of the garments are designed so that the super high UPF 50 filter protects the skin during long sun exposure. Trendy sun hats, water shoes and sunglasses with an elastic, removable strap all keep your baby safe.