Children's softshell pants

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Children's softshell pants

Children have fun playing outdoors, as long as they wear the right clothes. This mainly applies to children's pants, which cannot restrict movement, irritate the skin or get wet. Let your baby play outside without reminding "don't come in, it's wet!" It is enough to take care of the right clothes to keep it warm, dry and comfortable, and the children will be able to find an activity perfectly! Models that will keep up with children in all outdoor activities can be found in the offer of our store Outdoor Kids .

Children's outdoor pants - comfortable cut, various sizes and waterproof materials

In our offer you will find comfortable outdoor pants for boys and girls for outdoor pants. A wide range of colors, as well as many sizes and a comfortable cut make it possible for everyone to choose pants that perfectly fit their figure. What is very important, pants often have adjustable width and length of the legs. In addition, various types of adjustments at the waist - a tunnel with a string, elastic band or Velcro. We collected wider pants, with or without lining, as well as more fitted and flexible at the same time.

Technical pants are made of high-quality waterproof, stain-resistant and windproof materials. Their best parameters are additionally secured by taped seams, which means that water cannot get through. They work well both on a daily basis and for all sports activities. The water-repellent coating on children's softshell pants prevents water from soaking into the fabric - as a result, water runs off the fabric. This layer can be renewed. For this purpose, use appropriate waterproofing products instead of regular washing powder with a softener, which may additionally impair the breathability of the product.

It is worth remembering that protection against wind is very important during outdoor activities as well as when resting, as it significantly lowers the body temperature. The wind influences the perceived temperature, which at an air temperature of 5 ° C and a wind force of 30 km / h. will be 0 ° C, while in the case of an air temperature of 0 ° C and a wind speed of 30 km / h. will drop to -6 ° C. The materials used in children's softshell pants allow to eliminate the influence of wind on the perceived temperature.

Protective transition trousers for children - comfort at any time

Like jackets , the outdoor pants for kids are equipped with reflective elements. Thanks to them, the child is better visible on the road when it gets dark. The technical materials from which the pants are made stop the wind and the water splashing from under the wheels when we ride bikes together all year round. They are worn solo, over leggings, thin sweatpants or thermal underwear. They have a technical cut and often reinforced and contoured knees for maximum freedom of movement.

Trekking pants require proper care. Read the information on the tag carefully and you'll enjoy it for a long time. Most models are machine washable at 30 or 40 degrees Celsius. It is worth using specialized detergents for Nikwax sportswear .