Children and nature friendly clothes

If you are looking for the highest quality clothing for a child, which will provide him with comfort and is made of safe and certified materials, the clothes from the Outdoor Kids store are the perfect choice. Our offer will meet the expectations of the most demanding customers, who are undoubtedly children. A wide selection and aesthetics of workmanship with attention to every detail make it difficult to pass by indifferently.

  • Outdoor kids

    Online store with children's clothing store offers a wide selection of products that meet the highest standards. Winter clothing such as jackets or overalls, which will work even in very low temperatures, are an excellent choice. You can also opt for technical pants that are perfect for everyday use. You will also find outdoor pants for all outdoor activities, regardless of the weather. It is worth paying attention to year-round clothing. It is comfortable and at the same time windproof and protects against rain. 

  • Quality for generations

    In the Outdoor Kids store we have collected the best outdoor clothes for children. We offer online children's clothing that is characterized by the highest quality and aesthetics. Timeless clothes do not go out of fashion, which is important because they will last for a long time thanks to their exceptional durability. Then it can be passed on to the next lucky owner, which we want to encourage. 

  • Choose consciously

    You will find only products characterized by exceptional durability, and at the same time made of selected materials. Thanks to this, each parent can be sure that what their child is wearing is safe for them and will not irritate their delicate skin. They do not contain any harmful compounds, such as fluorocarbons or phthalates that disrupt the hormonal balance. They are also PFAS free. Appropriate certificates confirm their quality. The clothes we offer are designed with durability and easy care in mind. More durable clothes need to be washed less often, which saves water, electricity and detergents, which in turn reduces our negative impact on the environment. We promote the purchase of clothing made of single-component materials, not mixed materials, to facilitate future recycling processes when the clothes can finally no longer be used.