Sneakers and shoes for children

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Children's sneakers and low shoes

Children's sneakers and sports shoes are the most frequently chosen type of footwear for children. Light and comfortable children's sports shoes are much more likely to be put on if their design is well thought out and allows the little ones to put them on on their own. That is why all models of sports footwear for children available at are fastened with Velcro or elastic drawstring laces. After taking the first steps in life, nothing can stop our little adventurers - regardless of the weather outside. Choose fashionable, comfortable shoes that will protect your sensitive feet in all weather conditions. Children want to play tag on a rainy day? It's not a problem! Keep your feet dry thanks to the waterproof Reimatec


Proper selection of children's shoes

Shoes designed especially for children do not overload their legs and allow their feet to breathe. They should have rounded tips, and there is enough space inside for the little fingers to move freely. Flexible, non-slip and soft soles of the new generation - such as the Vibram sole - and carefully finished heels prevent chafing, deformation of the feet and posture defects. A wide selection of sizes and a handy table with the suggested length of the insole in centimeters, allow the shoes to be properly adjusted to the foot. An additional convenience in most models is the removable insole with the Happy Fit print, thanks to which you will be sure that the selected size is appropriate and that it takes into account the natural functional allowance. Remember not to buy exaggerated shoes - this can lead to deformation of the child's foot and cause stumbling.

Children's shoes comfortable or fashionable?

Comfortable children's sports shoes of the Finnish brand Reima are characterized by a fashionable and attractive design, and at the same time are made in accordance with the recommendations of orthopedists. Their properly profiled soles and interiors that adapt to the shape of the foot prevent posture defects that can significantly hinder the proper development of the child. Girls' sports shoes are available in vivid colors. Sports shoes for boys are most often chosen in slightly more subdued colors, but also with inserts in original shades. You can also bet on timeless white - the classic never goes out of fashion. Many of our children's shoes have removable insoles, so cleaning or washing them is also child's play. The characteristic stitching with reflective elements on the sides of the shoes or the heel allows you to quickly find them among others left in the kindergarten locker room and increase the visibility of the child after dark.

Free shipping shoes

Another advantage of our sports shoes is the wide range of sizes. We know that little ones grow up fast and buying new clothes for them can be a real logistic challenge. Especially for busy parents and their active children, we have free delivery for orders over PLN 199 and the possibility of personal collection at a selected time in our showroom at ul. Dragonów 6. We invite you to shop!