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Norwegian brand Skogstad Sport

Skogstad is a family business with roots in the mountains, fjords and glaciers of Norway, producing sports and leisure clothes since 1937It is continuously headquartered in the small village of Innvik in Nordfjord, where snow lies almost six months of the year and, due to the mountains, there is no sun from November 21 to January 21.The brand logo is a visualization of the beautiful surroundings in which the company was founded: to the north of Innvik there are kilometers of mountains stretching to the Arctic Circle; to the west there is a fjord 90 km, then the North Sea; to the east is the largest glacier in continental Europe; and to the south lies Pichen, a mountain that rises from the waters of the Nordfjord to reach 1,550 m at its summit

Eco-conscious outdoor brand

The company's vision is to give the pleasure of using high-quality products, produced with respect for the environment, respecting ethics, creating clean Norwegian design, quality and functionality

All the brand's designers are skiers and design clothing from a position of knowledge and experience, which now translates into a leading position in the development of high-quality waterproof and windproof outdoor clothing with glued seams for children in NorwayIn addition, the brand declares a clear commitment to introduce environmentally friendly and sustainable changes in its production and clothing processesMost packaging is made of recyclable cardboard, and all paper and cardboard used in offices and during production are recycled

Skogstad is constantly working to minimize the use of harmful chemicals in the production of its clothingDirectorate's TestsAlready in 2015, the environment showed that Skogstad products contain a very low level of chemicals - much lower than the industry standardTheir technical jackets win awards for being free from harmful chemicals as well as consistently high levels of water resistanceAll microfleece products from this brand are certified by the Nordic Swan Ecolabel - as the most sustainable fleece ever madeNordic Swan Ecolabel stands for reduced greenhouse gas emissions, sustainable use of resources and non-toxic everyday life

Thanks to Skogstad you will get something specialSomething permanentSomething foolproofSomething qualitative and something innovative