Children's winter ski gloves

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Children's winter ski gloves

In Outdoor Kids you will find children's winter gloves that every toddler will wear with the greatest joy. We have collected models with one finger, with an additional zipper for easier putting on and taking off, and with five fingers - choose depending on the age and personal preferences of the child. The gloves have reinforcements on the underside of the hand, and some models have additional strings, thanks to which the gloves can be attached to the sleeves, thus minimizing the risk of losing them - they are elastic bands and keep the gloves literally at hand. We have prepared gloves made of the highest quality materials that effectively protect against cold, frost and moisture, as well as a model designed especially for playing around the water, made of slightly rubberized Galon® material. All gloves available in our offer are made of completely waterproof materials and their construction and excellent parameters are additionally supported by taped seams. The models, however, differ in the degree of insulation - we have real winter thickets on a teddy bear, best-selling all-year-round insulated with fleece, and strictly protective - without insulation. Tested personally by our children - nobody managed to get them wet, all hands remained dry.

Multi-colored children's ski gloves

If you fancy something new and original, feel free to try one of the cheerful colors because these models are coated with a dirt-repellent coating and are very easy to clean. Decent gloves are something that cannot be missing in a toddler's wardrobe. They must be warm enough, but also match the entire styling. Choose the size according to the child's age and let him explore the world with these little hands!

Lack of proper gloves is a real disaster for a child. After all, it explores the world all day long, and at first it's mostly done with your hands. It's worth making this task easier for him by choosing a pair of colorful, waterproof gloves from one of our favorite Scandinavian brands such as Reima, Didriksons or Ducksday.