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Children's winter boots

Winter boots for small children's feet are a big thing - sometimes they make the difference between a really good day and an outdoor "failure"Winter boots that really keep a child's feet warm in all weather conditions are a worthwhile investmentPhysiotherapists and doctors agree that the most important element of children's clothing are shoesProperly selected shoes guarantee the healthy development of a toddler and protect him against the development of numerous posture defects.For this reason, good shoes are often referred to as an investment in your child's healthThis term is particularly accurate when it comes to children's winter boots

Their quality determines, among other things, how the arch of the foot will developIrregularities in the course of this process may initiate further, unfavorable changes in the movement systemThat is why every conscious parent choosing children's winter boots is not only guided by their priceWhen buying children's shoes for winter, it is worth paying attention to: the method of fastening, the outer material, the inner material, the type of sole and the height of the uppersGood winter boots for a child will allow him to discover the charms of winter without the risk of getting his feet wet!

Children's snow boots in many fashionable designs

Here we have collected the best children's winter boots that children will successfully use for snowball fights, building snow forts and all-day winter outdoor gamesOnly those that will prove themselves in various conditions and needsAre you looking for more information on what clothing we recommend to keep your kids warm all winter? Check out our rundown of the best winter baby products here

How to keep feet warm? First and foremost, it's important to understand why not all shoes work for all kids or all climatesWe'd like it to be more black and white than it is, but the truth is there are many factors that go into keeping little feet warm in the coldWool socks are great, but not all socks are made the same, just as not all feet are the sameLook for socks that fit snugly around your child's foot and are padded but not too bulkyBulky, ill-fitting socks tend to curl up and actually inhibit circulation in the feet, which is crucialA padded + wool sock is great, but doubling up on thick socks or layers of cotton + wool can actually make your feet feel colder

Winter boots Reima

When it is snowing and bitingly cold, children's snow boots from Reima provide the feet with the necessary protectionTo prevent cold and moisture from penetrating inside, the snow boots are equipped with a warm liningA waterproof structure with a nice fleece lining and sealed seams is another advantage that protects against moistureAlso thanks to solid, leather inserts, our children's snow boots can be great companions for wild games, providing insulation and comfortSensitive children's feet will stay warm and dry even after several hours of wearing them

All Reima winter boots are equipped with insoles that can be easily removed and driedThe Happy Fit print on the insoles makes it easy to choose the right shoe sizeThanks to the reflective elements, your child is always visible, even in unfavorable weather conditionsDo you think winter must be gray and boring? Nothing similar! Children's snow boots Reima bring a lot of joy to the monotony of winter daysCool design, interesting patterns and attractive colors make kids love Reima snow boots and have a lot of fun in themIt is the perfect addition to any winter outfit!

In the new, winter collection of Reima footwear you will discover lots of colorful children's snow boots, for children of all agesFor little ones, we have Velcro fasteners so that the shoes can be quickly put on and taken offAll boots have a warm lining and provide the necessary protection for little and bigger feetDiscover the Reima winter collection with fantastic boots and snow boots for active kidsRegardless of the weather, Reima children's snow boots keep children's feet warm and dryYour child will be breathless in them, even on the ugliest days!