Children's sweatpants, leggings for children

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Children's sweatpants, leggings for children

Clothes for children should be made of the highest quality materials without the addition of harmful fluorocarbon compounds or phthalates. At the same time, it should provide convenience and comfort. If you are looking for children's clothing that meets both conditions and will be perfect every day - check the offer of our Outdoor Kids store. For sports such as gymnastics, running or dancing, we recommend children's sweatpants that fit the body well. They are pleasant and soft to the touch, stretch without restricting movement. Children's pants can also have a looser cut with cuffs for better draping. In our offer you will find long pants for girls and boys.

Comfortable tracksuits and elastic leggings

Your toddler loves active play? Take care of comfortable sweatpants in various sizes and styles. The crease-resistant material means you can always put them in a backpack or travel bag. They take up little space and are very functional. Soft, flexible material and a loose cut may turn out to be a better choice than most jeans or fabric trousers, without losing any of its aesthetic value. You will also find a matching sweatshirt with us - choose a sweatshirt and pants set in a version for a girl or a boy and save yourself the search. There are also smart ways to adjust the waist of selected sports pants for children, such as hidden tape or tunnel welts, without unnecessary, troublesome strings. Elastic strings sewn in the waist and cuffs in the legs keep the pants in place and allow for a perfect fit. Such a functional solution can be found in Reima leggings - we do not like to train in pants that do not stick to bends or squats, so we wanted to find something thoughtful for our outdoor store.

In our diverse range of pants you will find interestingly tailored tracksuits, technical pants and leggings for children. All of them are a great choice every day, they are extremely comfortable and do not restrict movement, even during the most energetic play. They will work well with the most active children. They are made of the highest quality modern and breathable materials, mostly derived and recyclable. The addition of artificial fibers makes the tracksuits drain moisture better and dry faster. They are durable, withstand subsequent washes well and do not pull out - they always look like new. A solution that will be appreciated by both the youngest and slightly older ones are pockets where you can hide handy trinkets. In turn, parents will like the careful finishing of clothing and seams. Well-made sweatpants and leggings will be perfect for both girls and boys.