Children's scarves and collars

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  • Merino tube scarf Vitum Konges Slojd


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  • Szalik komin merino Belou Konges Slojd - Ladybug

    Konges Slojd

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  • Szalik komin merino Belou Konges Slojd - Planet

    Konges Slojd

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  • Huttelihut - Szalik komin wełniany delikatny splot - Dusty rose


    Lower price129,00 zł
  • Didriksons Delfinen collar in navy


    109,00 zł
  • Szalik komin z mieszanki wełny Reima Kaulain - Cinnamon Brown


    Price129,00 zł Lower price99,00 zł
  • Szalik komin z mieszanki wełny Reima Kaulain - Navy


    Price129,00 zł Lower price99,00 zł
  • Szalik komin z mieszanki wełny Reima Kaulain - Pink


    Price129,00 zł Lower price99,00 zł
  • Collar Didriksons Delfinen in black


    Price109,00 zł Lower price99,00 zł
  • Chimney of Skogstad Skjolden


    74,00 zł
  • Plush scarf Ducksday


    Price89,00 zł Lower price59,00 zł

Children's scarves and collars

Winter accessories are essential to ensure the child's thermal comfort. When the temperature drops sharply, we don't like open necks in children. Therefore, the offer of our store could not miss golf scarves and collars for children - i.e. scarves sewn on both sides, which are a cover - a wide turtleneck around the neck. Sometimes there is more material, sometimes less, it can be more close to the neck or it can even be wrapped twice. All models delight not only with aesthetics, but also with perfect workmanship. This little accessory in the form of a baby scarf or chimney changes so much without adding unnecessary volume around the neck. It is also important that it is pleasant to the touch, safe for the child's skin, and at the same time quite flexible, because most often we put it over the head, stretching it a bit with our hands.

Children's chimney is the perfect complement to a winter outfit

Children's scarves are made of safe materials. They are devoid of harmful substances, including fluorocarbons, phthalates or PFAS. In addition, they are very gentle on the skin, which they do not irritate. A chimney for a child made of good quality fabrics is a real must have in the transitional periods and in winter. Of course, it is also very important that they are comfortable and do not prevent children from being active or having fun in the snow. The chimney tightly wraps the neck and allows you to feel pleasant warmth. It is also worth emphasizing here that the child will be able to easily dress himself, which is extremely motivating in learning independence in toddlers.

Comfortable baby cowl in a set with a


Many children complain that scarves are not comfortable and therefore do not want to wear them. It takes a long time to persuade a child to put on a scarf, and you don't always have time for it. Therefore, in response to the needs of small users and their parents, we offer collars. Just put it over your head or fasten it with a large, catchy Velcro - without wrapping or tying it. They are made of soft and very delicate materials, a combination of polyamide with polyester and viscose. Such scarves will work well even when the temperature is very low. Models in various colors are available, thanks to which every child will find something for themselves. The collar for a child can be chosen by matching it to the jacket, hat and shoes, so that the whole creates a coherent stylization.