Boys and girls winter jackets

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Boys 'winter jackets and girls' winter jackets that "grow" with the child

Are you looking for comfortable and, above all, warm children's winter jackets? Or maybe colorful transitional models for spring? Or maybe you need a year-round softshell jacket for a child? Or a storm jacket that will endure the greatest downpour and last longer than one season? In the Outdoor Kids offer you will find the best brands, including carefully designed and iconic Reima jackets. We also chose Didriksons jackets, which "grow" with the child and can even pass from generation to generation because they are so durable. The quality of the proposed jackets goes hand in hand with the timeless design, which is undoubtedly important for things that will last longer than one or two seasons.

Time spent outdoors, regardless of the season, has a direct impact on everyone's health and well-being. A functional rain jacket for children is the basis of outdoor equipment, guaranteeing comfort during walks and games, and above all, warmth and dryness even in unfavorable weather conditions. The Scandinavians say that there is no bad weather - there is only inappropriate clothing.

Warm winter jackets for girls and boys with a fashionable cut

A children's rain jacket is the first and most important step to become independent from the vagaries of the weather. From spring to winter, the youngest need high-quality outerwear that will protect them from getting wet, and additionally protect them from wind and unfavorable temperature. Children's spring jackets are a bit lighter and encourage layering. A light raincoat will also come in handy during a holiday trip, so that even a heavy downpour will not be a reason to change your plans. Especially if you can easily fold such a jacket and put it in a backpack. Since autumn, there has been an increasing demand for warmer functional jackets that can be worn every day, even on days without rain. Fastened up to the chin, they perfectly protect against heat loss, even in the absence of a scarf. The hood, which is built-in and fitted to the head, is the best protection against gusty winds and a replacement for a hat, which, fortunately, cannot be lost. With a fleece sweatshirt or an additional collar underneath, the warmer rain jacket for children is also used in winter, especially when the ski set seems too warm for the current conditions. In the Outdoor Kids offer you will find winter jackets for girls and boys of all ages: both for babies, preschoolers and school-age children. A wide selection of waterproof jackets will allow you to find the perfect model for every season of the year, while satisfying the child's individual needs regarding length, sleeve finishing or even the number of pockets, which can sometimes be a key issue!