Children's hats

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Children's caps

Regardless of whether it is summer or winter - children's hats are a proven solution and an indispensable element of a child's outfit dressed according to the weather and ready to play outside. They keep a pleasant warmth in cold seasons, and provide shade and protection from the sun in summer. In Outdoor Kids we guarantee a wide selection of headgear and their highest quality - they will meet the expectations of even the most demanding seekers of the perfect hat.

Peaked cap, UV hat or eared cap?

When choosing a hat for a child, you must remember that it must properly fulfill its function. That is why our offer includes boys 'caps and girls' caps that can be selected according to the weather. On very cold days, it is worth choosing a model made of 100% acrylic, additionally lined with fleece. Such material provides maximum thermal comfort. On the other hand, on autumn and winter days, when the temperature is not so extremely low, a hat made of polyamide with the addition of polyester and viscose will work well. We also offer the famous Didriksons ear hats, which will work even in very negative temperatures. Children's winter hats first of all look great, but most of all they are extremely comfortable, they protect the head, forehead and cheeks during the most severe frosts. They perfectly fit the child's head, and thus provide him with thermal comfort and effectively protect against the wind. They also have a waterproof finish, and for increased safety in the dark, there is a reflector on the back.

In the Outdoor Kids shop, we offer warm, but also stylish hats, both boys 'winter hats and girls' winter hats, some with a funny pompom, others without - everyone will choose something for themselves. For the summer, however, we have prepared light, breathable caps and sun hats. We also offer balaclavas all year round - a great solution, even for a helmet. All of them are made of the best quality materials and are distinguished by their durability. Thanks to this, they can serve a child for more than one season. And when the cap becomes too small, it can be successfully passed on to a younger brother or sister. The models we choose will surely appeal to both children and their parents.