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Functional pants and shorts for children

If you are looking for comfortable pants for a child for every small or even the longest trip, you will find them at Outdoor Kids. In our extensive range of kids' pants you will find children's sweatpants, technical outdoor pants, rain pants, winter pants and shorts. We have pants for every weather and season. For winter, choose one of the many winter insulated pants for children: rainproof, ski or textile, made of high-quality modern materials. In summer, choose girls 'or boys' shorts - you will find them available in various designs and colors.

The highest quality and comfort of children's pants

In this category you will find children's pants for toddlers of all ages, with the most fashionable designs and cuts, with special cuffs, strings, easy fasteners and practical pockets to ensure the child's comfort, convenience and freedom of movement. If you are looking for extraordinary boys' pants, our wide range will be just right for you. We even have pants that grow with your child! How it's possible? Thanks to the Extend Size function, you will extend them by a good full size - just remove the red basting inside the leg and the longer pants are ready. Often times, a child grows out of their pants faster than they actually wear them - we encourage you to maximize the use of clothing. At Outdoor Kids, we make sure that we only offer products of brands that we ourselves consider to be of the highest class. That's why you will find pants from the Finnish brand Reima and Swedish Didriksons. Our customers and employees know and love these brands and the clothing they offer. When it comes to combining breathability with warmth and waterproofness, it would be really hard to find something better! And while water resistance is probably what they're best known for, the style of these brands makes them easily recognizable as well. We know that when it comes to pants for our little ones, our customers expect durable clothing that provides children with maximum protection and maintains their thermal comfort.

What are children's outdoor pants characterized by?

A child who loves to spend their free time outdoors, regardless of the weather, should be provided with appropriate clothing. That is why it is so important to buy outdoor and sports pants that will protect your child from cold, rain and wind, as well as provide him with maximum comfort while walking and running. Such pants must first of all be comfortable. Close-fitting cut, made of light polyester materials, not only fits perfectly on the legs and does not slip during long hikes. The material itself is breathable and perfectly transports moisture. Modern fabrics are distinguished by their hydrophobic properties, thanks to which the pants do not get wet and dry quickly. Some models of kids' long pants have an extra layer of insulation that works great in the colder months. An important advantage of outdoor pants is the addition of reflective elements - a simple way to increase visibility after dark.

UV collection for children and trekking pants with detachable legs

Swimming trunks for boys deserve special attention. This piece of clothing is a real must-have in the wardrobe of every little water sports enthusiast. Such shorts are perfect for swimming, they dry quickly. In most models, they provide the highest protection against the sun - UPF 50, so that the sun warms pleasantly, not burns.An interesting solution are also hiking pants with detachable legs - when they turn out to be too warm, you can simply unfasten some of the legs, leaving the child with short shorts

Of course, just like in the case of adult trekking pants, it is worth taking care of such pants properly. The skilful use of appropriate preparations for the maintenance of clothing made of synthetic fibers will increase the rainproof properties of our child's hiking pants and will certainly have a positive impact on the pleasure derived from trips to the forest or mountains.