Scyzoryki i multitoole

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  • Gerber ComplEAT flat sage travel cutlery set


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Gerber is an American brand founded in 1939 that specializes in the production of problem-solving knives, multi-tools, cutting tools and hardware.

Whether the goal is to save time, save a day or a life, Gerber products have been proven for over 75 years. Gerber's famous past laid the foundation for a future based on innovative products.

Used by children or craftsmen, Gerber products are deliberately developed to provide knives, tools and equipment tailored to specific tasks or necessary to complete a mission. Whether they are used for exploration, survival or work.

Opinel was founded in 1890 by Joseph Opinel in Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne, France. Joseph was a craftsman who started making knives out of wood. His knives were unique because they had a comfortable grip and were made of high-quality materials. The knives became very popular with local people and were quickly sold all over France.

In the 1930s, Opinel introduced a new model of knife that had a Virobloc lock. This lock allowed the blade to be locked in the open or closed position, which greatly increased the safety of the knife.

Opinel has become famous all over the world and its knives are now used by people all over the world. The company still produces knives in wood, but also in plastic and stainless steel. Opinel knives are considered some of the best knives in the world and are used for many different purposes, including cooking, washing, carving and much more.