How to care for a baby suit and which one to choose?

Would you rather buy new winter clothes every year, or have one decent overall for your child and take good care of it? If you prefer the latter approach, you will find important advice below. We also suggest the differences between the Scandinavian overalls for children that you can find in the store.

How to choose a baby jumpsuit?


The simplest division of Scandinavian overalls for children is into rain and winter ones. The former are lighter. They are suitable for rolling up and putting in a bag. The brand Ducksday.

specializes in them

Scandinavian winter overalls

However, we get the most questions about the winter overalls of the Scandinavian brand Didriksons. There are several models in total, so it's really easy to get lost. Below is a summary of the properties of each series (the name of the series can be found in the product name, e.g. kBjörnen winter jumpsuit Didriksons in Radiant Purple).


Björnen Winter Suit

A warm, versatile baby winter overall that has won many consumer tests.


Polarbjörnen Winter Suit

The warmest of the range, good for long days in the snow.

Did you know that...Björnen means bear cubs in Swedish and Polarbjörnen means polar bears :)


Cornelius Winter Suit

The only difference from the Björnen series is the lack of fur on the hood (faux fur, of course!).


Zeb Winter Suit

Lighter, breathable suit ideal for active activities.


How to care for your Scandinavian children's jumpsuit?

In case of mud or paint, just wipe the suit with a wet cloth. Reima recommends that the stain on the suit be removed as soon as possible, e.g. by wiping the area with snow. The fabrics are specially designed in such a way that they do not absorb stains. Drops of rain or mud run down the suit and rarely leave marks.

Winter overalls Didriksons or Ducksday can be stored like all other winter clothes, both on hangers and overhead storage.

How to wash a winter suit?

You don't have to wash rain suits too often. If you want to maximize the durability of the Ducksday suit, the manufacturer recommends using an additional spray waterproof coating after every three washes . In practice, this means using the spray once every many years. You can buy such sprays in sports and trekking clothing stores or in our section care products for clothes and shoes.

General manufacturer recommendations:


Rain and winter suits Ducksday:

  • Wash at 30 degrees

  • Turn fabric inside out, close all pockets

  • Machine wash without other items

  • Dry outdoors


Winter overalls Didriksons and Reima:

  • Wash at a maximum temperature of 40 degrees

  • Turn material inside out

  • Manufacturers recommend detaching the fur from the hood before washing

  • Wash in a washing machine half full

  • Do not use fabric softener

  • Children's overalls dry outdoors. You can also tumble dry Reima suits on a low speed program.


Repair of children's overalls Didriksons

Children's overalls Didriksons can be easily repaired if a button breaks off or the material catches on a branch with which you can reinforce where the material has broken, as well as heel hook replacement kits.


More information from manufacturers

When you buy clothes from proven manufacturers, the advantage is a fairly large knowledge base on how to care for a baby suit or jacket. This allows you to extend the life of your clothes. The type of filling or finish will not surprise you, because you know what you are getting from the very beginning. If you want to know more about how to care for children's winter and rain overalls of our brands, check the information on the manufacturers' websites:

  • Ducksday /"washing instructions" available for inspection with each product

  • Didriksons/ "Care" section available for inspection by each product

  • Reima/ article: How to wash the Reimatec winter suit?


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