How to choose children's outdoor clothes? Our tips

In the era of ubiquitous outdoor fashion, every parent wants their child to dress stylishly. However, choosing the right outdoor clothes for kids can be more difficult than it sounds. That's why we've prepared a few tips that should help you choose the right outdoor clothes

First of all, remember to buy the right size. Outdoor clothes should be comfortable and fitted so that your child can move freely - it is not worth buying too much so that the child does not 'drown' in the overalls. Some companies like Didriksons have so called Extend Size which allows you to unfasten the thread and lengthen the sleeves or legs.

Then, make sure your clothes are made of durable, hard-wearing materials that will help protect your baby from the elements and water. Trousers, e.g. Didriksons Lovet, have reinforced legs with Cordura material which additionally protects the child's knees and bottom.

It's also important that the clothes have anti-bacterial and stain-resistant technologies, as children often tend to get dirty.

Also, be sure to choose clothes in colors and patterns that your child likes, as this will make them feel more comfortable and safe away from home. The patterns show less spots.

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