• Socks <tc>Happy Socks</tc>  2-pack Mouse Anti-Slip

Socks Happy Socks 2-pack Mouse Anti-Slip

Price 35,00 zł

When choosing, be guided by the child's shoe size and/or age.

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Children's anti-slip set Happy Socks 2-pack, colorful mice on a pink background with a green welt and cheeses on a navy blue background. You think you love cheese? Wait until you meet a colored mouse! This fluffy little thug will do anything to get a bite! So be careful not to drop any piece of cheese on the floor - except the one on your socks!

Anti-Slip models have silicone reinforcements on the feet, thanks to which small players will not lose their balance.

Swedish design with a huge dose of optimism. Lucky socks were created in spite of long Scandinavian winters, bad weather and bad mood.

Additional information

  • 86% Cotton, 12% Polyamide, 2% Elastane


Color, creativity and fun!
Happy Socks is for everyone who thinks life can never be too colorful and true happiness comes from the freedom to be yourself. The Happy Socks brand inspires authentic self-expression through color, creativity and fun.