• Water shoes <tc>Reima</tc>  Lean
  • Water shoes <tc>Reima</tc>  Lean
  • Water shoes <tc>Reima</tc>  Lean
  • Water shoes <tc>Reima</tc>  Lean
  • Water shoes <tc>Reima</tc>  Lean
  • Water shoes <tc>Reima</tc>  Lean
  • Water shoes <tc>Reima</tc>  Lean
  • Water shoes <tc>Reima</tc>  Lean
  • Water shoes <tc>Reima</tc>  Lean
  • Water shoes <tc>Reima</tc>  Lean
  • Water shoes <tc>Reima</tc>  Lean
  • Water shoes <tc>Reima</tc>  Lean
  • Water shoes <tc>Reima</tc>  Lean
  • Water shoes <tc>Reima</tc>  Lean

Water shoes Reima Lean

Price 99,00 zł

Just measure your child's feet and choose the right size in the table according to their length. Growth space is already included.

Ask your child to stand against a wall on a piece of paper with their heels touching the wall. Mark the length of the foot on the sheet, then measure the distance to the edge of the paper. Now you only need to check the length of the child's foot - space for height is already taken into account.

Foot length (cm)
Recommended EU size


13.1 22
13.8 23
14.5 24
15.2 25
15.8 26
16.5 27
17.2 28
17.8 29
18.5 30
19.2 31
19.8 32
20.5 33
21.2 34
21.8 35
22.5 36
23.2 37
23.8 38
24.5 39
25.1 40


How to choose the right size

The smaller the child, the faster his feet grow. It's a good idea to check your foot size every two or three months.

  • Measure your feet in the evening, when they are at their largest.
  • Measure the length of the feet in socks that the child will wear with new shoes.
  • Slight size difference between left and right feet is normal. However, remember to measure both feet and choose the size for the larger one.
  • You can easily check the correct shoe size after purchasing it by removing the insole so your child can stand on it. It's also the perfect way to check if your child has outgrown their favorite shoes.

Swimming shoes for children Reima Lean is the perfect choice for the beach or pool.

The upper is made of quick-drying material that will protect the delicate backs of the feet from the sun. The tread is designed to repel water underfoot in the pool. Non-slip rubber will protect little feet from glass, sticks and pebbles.

These machine washable, easy to put on shoes can also be worn indoors, for example as slippers in kindergarten.

Super fit both narrow and wide feet.


  • flexible rubber sole for perfect grip
  • light, breathable shoes
  • removable inserts
  • machine washable
  • UV filter 50+
  • vegan

Finnish brand of clothing for children with almost eighty years of history, which directs its offer to active explorers of the world. It combines inspiration with what is local with the latest technologies regarding geolocation or material properties.