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  • UV Cooling T-shirt Reima Xylitol Cool Vauhdikas


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  • UV Cooling T-shirt Reima Xylitol Cool Vauhdikas


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Children's summer clothing with a cooling effect

Extremely high summer temperatures can quickly become a problem for children. After all, nobody and nothing will dissuade them from playing in the backyard and in the garden, or from exploring new places on a holiday trip, regardless of the weather.

Close-fitting clothes or too thick fabrics can cause children's sensitive skin to overheat very quickly. We should keep this in mind when choosing clothing suitable for the summer.

Clothes from the Xylitol Cool series are super airy and comfortable, so that our children can move freely in them. Breathable materials transport heat away from your skin. Shorts, light pants and dresses from this collection are bright and pastel colors. Also thanks to this, they do not heat up too quickly in the sun.

Super cooling thanks to xylitol

Reima Xylitol Cool summer clothing can do much more: thanks to the use of xylitol, the material has a cooling role and lowers the skin temperature even from 1 ° C to 3 ° C. By inducing this cooling effect, it effectively protects your baby from overheating.

Xylitol is a natural sweetener that is used to sweeten foods. In addition, it has a positive side effect: it cools the skin during physical activity. Thanks to xylitol, Xylitol Cool clothes cool the sensitive skin of a child on hot days.

You can rest assured also about the safety of children: the sweetener used is edible, so completely harmless, even for little ones. The best way to sweeten your summer is with airy and cooling Xylitol Cool.


Everyone will find something cool for the summer here. All garments are made of breathable, stretchy material that gives your baby maximum freedom of movement. Colorful patterns will appeal to both girls and boys.