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Children's bicycle helmets

Regardless of the type of mobility, your child should always wear a helmet while riding. A bicycle, skateboard, roller skates or a scooter - we believe that if a toddler wears a helmet at a young age, it will affect his safety as he grows up. Our range of bicycle helmets for boys, girls and unisex helmets meets the needs of all young and enthusiastic cyclists, skateboarders or scooter enthusiasts. In children's bicycle helmets, the POC brand has used special protection against vehicles involved in road traffic. They are bright, fluorescent colors enriched with reflective elements. As a result, the orange and pink POC bike helmets are clearly visible even in the dark. Additional protection against impacts is the reinforced structure of the canopy.

The helmet should fit snugly to the child's head size. It should fit snugly against it, but not put pressure on it. Therefore, it is best to choose a children's ski helmet with an adjustment option that allows you to adjust its circumference and fit the child's head. Children's helmets have straps and mechanisms to adjust the fit. Thanks to this, the equipment will last longer, and you will get the impression that it grows with your child.

Modern children's bicycle helmet POC POCito Kid's Crane MIPS

The bold, brightly colored, protective POC Bike Helmet POCito Kid's Crane MIPS gives young avid riders more safety when spinning on two wheels. Such colors make the children visible, whether in the skatepark or while driving to school.

The brain-protecting MIPS (Omni-Directional Impact Protection System) technology is at the heart of the POCito Kid's Crane MIPS bicycle helmet. It is a proven safety system that reduces the rotational forces acting on the brain in an accident. Forces are absorbed and redirected to prevent them from being transferred to the brain.

The double density EPS foam core also works to absorb impact, compression and deformation forces to protect the head from damage. The heavy-duty outer shell, directly molded into the inner shell, also provides durability to withstand frequent use and the demands of younger riders. It's the perfect helmet for riders who ride hard and take their gear just as hard - a new level of integrated safety, comfort, ventilation, aerodynamics, fit and functionality.

Warsaw bicycle helmets

In the Outdoor Kids store you will find helmets that come from the Swedish manufacturer POC. These helmets offer the highest level of protection and are the perfect choice for kids who love skate parks. Thanks to the removable chin guard and excellent ventilation, they are also suitable for family recreational rides.

POCito children's helmets meet the same strict safety standards as adult helmets, and include other features designed to keep children safe, visible and visible.

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