How to clean and maintain outdoor clothes to make them last longer?

Anyone who starts their adventure with Scandinavian children's clothing is impressed with how long these clothes last. However, this is just the beginning, because by using appropriate means and methods of impregnation, it is possible to extend the life of such clothes by several years. Here's how it's done.

Can more expensive outdoor clothes be washed with ordinary washing powder?

You have to take care of good things. Laces from grandma, but also modern outdoor jackets from specialized Scandinavian brands - they can be washed in ordinary powder, but this way you can destroy them or shorten their life. That is why we recommend taking care of your clothes so that they look decent for many years. That is why a category with specialized Nikwax brand products has appeared in the store, such as: detergent for clothes, detergent for down clothes, detergent for waterproofing clothes, waterproofing agent for down clothes, impregnation for fabrics and shoes.

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Below is a short guide to these impregnating products with tips on how to use them.

Clothes last longer waterproof

Did you know that specialized waterproof clothes are treated with a waterproofing that wears off over time? In the past, for example, linseed oil was used to impregnate Swedish fishing clothes. Rubbing the storm jacket with oil was repeated every few years. It is exactly the same with modern outdoor clothes that are covered with a waterproof


In the video below you will see how clothes washed in a suitable washing "behave" when in contact with water, and such that were washed with ordinary powder:

Powder removes stains, but with them it destroys the waterproof coating and makes the garment more absorbent. That is why it is worth using special detergents for washing waterproof clothes.

How do I wash a down jacket?

A separate topic is the washing of the down jacket. There can be two reasons for the problems here. The first is the properties of the jacket itself. Poor quality feathers have a particular tendency to clump into balls - hence, after careless washing, many people have the impression that their jacket is much thinner than before.

The second problem is the way the down jacket is washed. A strong detergent not intended for washing feathers in combination with high temperature is a recipe for destroying the down jacket (unfortunately sometimes irreversibly).

Below is the instruction manual for the detergent for down clothes, which you can find in our store:

After washing, it is also important to dry it in a tumble dryer or, after hanging it, to smash the compacted feathers with your hands. Fortunately, down winter jackets rarely need to be washed :)

Impregnation of rain clothes

To impregnate raincoats: do not use regular washing powder or softener - after such washing, the garment will absorb water, regularly impregnate the garment with a specialized waterproofing agent, if you want to wash a jacket or overalls, additionally use Nikwax washing liquid .

Washing and impregnation of shoes

You can impregnate trekking shoes in the same way. The easiest way for you is with shoes from good brands - along with them you will get instructions on how to care for them. Shoes from random producers can be unpleasantly surprised and simply completely deteriorate even with gentle cleaning. Good shoes will still benefit from impregnation. You can "improve" shoes made of both fabric and leather. If they are dirty, gently clean them with a sponge and shoe cleaning gel.After rinsing, apply a spray impregnation and let it dry. This will make them waterproof longer.

All the above measures are available from us:


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