• Collar <tc>Didriksons</tc>  Delfinen in black
  • Collar <tc>Didriksons</tc>  Delfinen in black

Collar Didriksons Delfinen in black

Price 99,00 zł

The Delfinen collar is a great alternative to a scarf. The soft, flexible turtleneck will work as an additional layer under a jacket or overalls on cold days.

It is easy to put on, does not restrict movement and does not scratch the neck - it is a true friend of every child.

Fabric: 55% polyamide, 25% polyester, 20% viscose 

Didriksons is a 100-year-old company that is one of the leaders when it comes to modern, all-weather children's clothing. Brand winter pants grow with the child, and good quality allows you to use them for generations to come. In addition, there is a focus on environmental issues, such as obtaining recycled fiber.