The second cycle of clothes - second-hand clothes or samples with tags from producers

Product type
  • Technical Jacket Didriksons Salvia 120cm - Sample


    Price472,00 zł Lower price399,00 zł
  • Winter Jacket Didriksons Magnetit 120cm - Sample


    Price738,00 zł Lower price699,00 zł
  • Extended Winter Jacket Didriksons Pyrit 120cm - Sample


    Price531,00 zł Lower price499,00 zł

Sample Sale

We sell exhibition products in this category - Sample. full-value clothes, with top quality fabrics, , can be purchased for a much lower price not used by others (not second-hand clothes).

If the product has any dirt that we have noticed, we try to describe it as precisely as possible, but it is possible that the products offered for sale have other, minor defects, unnoticed by us. We compensate for any shortcomings with bargain prices.

Often the Samples are single pieces that may have slight differences from the final products, but are still great for use and will surely bring a lot of joy to your child! You may be the sole buyers of 🙂

Sample sale: reduce waste of already produced clothes and get a decent thing for a few seasons. Choose the best quality at the best price, use it extensively, repair and pass it on, and spend the money you save on a weekend trip.