Petites Pommes

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  • Petites Pommes - swim sleeves Alex

    Petites Pommes

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  • Petites Pommes – Olivia Swimming Ring 45cm

    Petites Pommes

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Classic swimming wheels and accessories for kids

Iconic and timeless pool floats.

Petites Pommes is a Danish company that produces high-quality, timeless swimming accessories for children and adults. All products are BPA and Phthalate Free. Inspired by the classics, they are a nod to the past with a modern character. Each item is shipped in a reusable bag made of organic cotton for convenient storage when the floats are not in use.

The founders of the company, looking for high-quality wheels in subtle colors for their daughters, could only find bright, flashy and sufficient for the first week of holidays. It was then that the idea of ​​creating an aesthetically attractive and high-quality alternative was born.
They believe that some of the most memorable childhood experiences arise during endless summer days filled with laughter. Don't let large logos or neon flamingos distract these precious moments.