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Baby sizes of outdoor clothes for the youngest

A newly born baby is a newborn baby, and a baby between 3 years of agea 12month of life - an infantBaby sizes therefore refer to the first year of a child's lifeDuring this time, the toddler grows very intensively, therefore the size of babies changes quite dynamicallyDuring the first 3 months, a child may grow up to 10 cm! Infant sizes usually fall within the standard range of 56 to 80 cm In the first months of their lives, babies discover their surroundings step by stepTheir clothes must be specially adapted to their new needsWith outdoor clothes for babies and toddlers, your child will be ready to conquer the world in all weather conditions!

Practical gift sets for Baby Shower and the birth of a child

A complete layette for a newborn baby will be a great idea for a Baby Shower gift , because it will please every mother-to-be, and will also present itself beautifully as a gift from loved onesWhen looking for interesting and original products, created for freshly baked mums and babies, that make us think that we need them all, it is worth focusing your attention on high-quality products, solidly made, safe for children, universal and timeless. this one turned out to be apt and useful

Thanks to careful execution of the best materials, the products available at Outdoor Kids are designed to serve even with the next childThink that each day will please your eye and make these special moments pleasant

Children get to know the world from the very first moments of their lives, so it is worth spending them surrounded by objects that not only make children happy, but also support their parentsWe made sure that our offer for the youngest includes things that can be practically used in everyday childcare

Baby clothes for all weather

Regardless of rain, snow and strong sun, the little ones want to play, run and jumpThe rainier the weather is, the more our child breaks out to discover puddles and explore muddy cornersIn such situations, protective outdoor clothing is essential as it protects your child from the cold and getting wet for up to several hours

Waterproof pants great for muddy adventures, wetsuits perfect for playing in the snow, cheerful rain jackets for cloudy, gloomy days - all this makes going outside a lot of fun! Remember also about the breathable intermediate layer, because thanks to it your child will not sweat and catch a cold.

Fashionable baby and children's shoes from Reima will provide the necessary support during all gamesIn sneakers, low shoes and snow boots, your child can joyfully set off to explore the world safelyIn the nursery, in the yard or in the garden, warm outdoor clothes will ensure freedom of movementFashion accessories - hats, scarves and gloves - made of warm and pleasant materials, also protect against cold air

Outdoor clothing for toddlers

We only offer fabrics and materials that are friendly to your child's skinMost of the clothing intended for babies is made of natural cotton, also from ecological cropsThis means that it is not contaminated with chemical pesticides and pesticides, thanks to which it cares for the safety of your baby from the moment of birth.The skin of a newborn baby is devoid of the stratum corneum, which makes it prone to irritationThe fabrics from which the clothes for newborns are made are soft and pleasant to the touchCotton and merino wool are perfectly breathable, providing the child with proper thermoregulationEffectively protects against both overheating and cooling down of the body, which is extremely important in the case of newborns

When choosing clothes for babies, also take care of accessoriesSocks that will not pinch the child's legs and warm hats irreplaceable during capricious weather are details that will make your child's layette buttoned up to the last buttonIn the autumn and winter season, use overalls, irreplaceable during walks