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Winter outdoor clothing for children

Children's clothing should provide protection against low temperature, penetrating wind and high levels of moisture. Just such outdoor clothing for children is available in our Outdoorkids store. eu

Winter clothing for children - perfect for activity in all conditions

Children love snowy winter. Even if they avoid outdoor activities on a daily basis, when the first snow falls, they eagerly go to the front of the house or to the surrounding hills to go sledding, throw snowballs and make snowmen. Winter clothes for children available in our store guarantee freedom of movement and thermal comfort. A fall or even rolling in the snow will not make the material of the suit or winter pants soaked. At the same time, they do not contain any harmful substances such as phthalates or fluorocarbons. Reima, Didriksons and Ducksday clothes are made in a system of glued and welded seams, and thus guarantee tightness. The possibility of extending the sleeves or legs is also an additional protection against the cold and a guarantee that winter tourist clothing for children will last longer than one season. Moreover, it can be repaired without sewing. All you need is a repair kit and an iron.

Tourist clothing for children - transition and winter

Regardless of the temperature during outdoor activities, it is worth wearing layers. The layers guarantee thermal comfort and allow you to get rid of some clothing when it is too warm. Undoubtedly, in autumn and winter, it is also worth investing in transitional, softshell and down jackets. The temperature does not always require a down jacket or a winter parka. In such a situation, when going on vacation, it is worth choosing functional underwear for children . Thanks to this, it will be protected from the cold when the temperature drops slightly. It is worth choosing one that is made of merino wool with the addition of tencel and provides thermoregulation. Children's winter clothing, both jackets and overalls, are equipped with practical reflective elements. In addition, the jackets have spacious pockets or loops for ski gloves .